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Price Schedule

  • Monthly Rental x Rental Period (in month)
  • Deposit Fee (2x Months Rental)
  • Refundable upon return of product in good condition
Add On (if any):
  • Logistics. Training. Calibration.

Fast & Easy Rental Process

  • Step 1 - Contact & Get Consultation
    • Get our product information
    • Discuss with our Rental Consultants
    • Confirm duration of rental
    • Get our Quotations
  • Step 2 - Select & Confirm your choice
    • Select the product with availability
    • Confirm the Order via PO or Payment
  • Step 3 - Make Payment
    • Deposit (Refundable) & Monthly Rental (or AddOns)
    • Transactions on Cash in Advance basis (Online Transfer/Cheque)
  • Step 4 - TakeAway or Arrange for Delivery
    • Sign DO/Invoice with agreed terms.
  • Use with a Peace of Mind.
    • Enjoy our Free Online service and product support
  • Step 5 - Return (or Arrange for Pickup) before end of Expiry and get Refunds on Deposit
  • For rental extension or upgrades, contact our Consultants and pay additional rentals before expiry